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Protecting Your Pet Cat


One of the unique abilities of the cat is its incredible sense of smell. It seems like a cat is never affected by anosmia. Before it ingests anything, a cat must first consult its clairalience and determine whether it can go ahead with the feast. This high sense of smell is very important for the cat because its lungs are very delicate enough to be affected even by low concentrations of toxins.

However, there are instances that your cat may mistakably ingest some poisons at home or office. You realize that your cat is always at very high risk to ingesting poisons because it accesses corners where pesticides, insecticides, antifreeze, rodents bait and any other environmental pollutants are supposedly hidden. Therefore its chances of bumping on poison and getting tempted to ingesting it are very high.

Instances are also known where man feed cats on human medicine for instance paracetamol. This turns out to be very toxic for the cats. Such toxins and poisons can easily damage the lungs of the little canines and easily cause them death.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your pet cat is always protected from ingesting poisons either deliberately or by mistake, it’s important you learn how to keep the poisons safely. Keep them away from reach of pets. Lock all pesticides, human drugs, petroleum products, rodent poisons and any other chemical in a closet other than at corners, on the ceiling, on window sills or exposed areas.

In other words, ensure that they do not fall in the path of your pet. In case you have put some rodent’s poisons as snares somewhere in the house, ensure that your pet cat is out of access to the room. Lock her up in a different room. Despite the fact that your cat won’t easily ingest on poised foods, do not allow her to access these areas of vermin.